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6.470 IAP Web Programming Competition

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6.470 - MIT IAP Web Programming Competition

6.470 is a web programming competition held during the Independent Activities Period in January. It teaches a number of coding languages for web programming such as, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, and more.


Supplementing the traditional lecture way of teaching, 6.470 also uses a hands-on teaching approach. The class newly implemented a workshop-style way of learning for the core technologies (HTML, CSS, etc) where each student has different exercises to work on during workshop times. This gives students a great way to practice their skills as well as ask questions on anything they find difficulty with. However, lectures are still given for some of the more advanced topics. Part of the lectures include guest lectures from the sponsors of the competition. People who work in renowned companies like dropbox and facebook come to talk about the real world applications of what you are learning in class.

The Competition


At the end of the class, students separate into teams of one to three people to compete in creating database - backed websites. Each year the groups are given a competition challenge that involves creating a website that follows one of the three themes given to them. Last year, one of the themes required students to design a website that helps users to plan or document their vacations. At the end of the competition, the sites are judged by a group of experts on usability, presentation, and viability. The winners are announced at an awards ceremony and demo, with $30K in prizes.