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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Mu Tau Chapter
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: AEPhi
Established: 1951
Size: 23
National Site:

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) is MIT's Jewish fraternity. It is home to diverse students with varying interests, including athletes, musicians, engineers, and the leaders of performance, technical, political, and religious groups on campus. Together, its members form a tight-knit brotherhood. The AEPi national fraternity was founded in 1913; the MIT chapter (Mu Tau) was initiated in 1951. Learn more at



Given AEPi's diverse makeup, its brothers find many ways to have fun. AEPi hosts various social events, including parties with students from throughout Boston, mixers with sororities, and religious events for the entire campus. Members also spend time with each other during weekly study breaks, video game tournaments, foosball practice, and more. In addition, brothers explore Boston together to go bowling, sample fine cuisine, watch movies, race go-karts, and battle in the paintball arena. AEPi brothers have fun together outside of Boston as well; for example, in August the brotherhood spent a week together in Orlando and Boca Raton, Florida.


A kosher chef prepares most of AEPi's meals. However, for Thursday dinners and Sunday brunches, brothers venture out into Boston together to have house-sponsored meals at their favorite restaurants. And some brothers cook their own food — for themselves or for the entire brotherhood — whenever they feel like it.


AEPi's brownstone house is located on Bay State Road, just across the river from MIT. The house is within the excitement of Boston, but only a quick walk from campus. The Esplanade — a beautiful park that stretches along the Charles River — is a few steps away from the house's back yard.


Living Room: This is one of the main hang-out rooms in the house. It has many uses, including watching basketball and football, playing Mario Kart and Halo, catching the latest episode of South Park, house study breaks, and movie nights. More formal meetings and events are held in the Brothers' Room on the second floor.

Chill Room: This room is reserved for all things chill. Whether it be a workout at the fully equipped gym, an intense round of a favorite video game, or a jam session with fellow rockers from throughout Boston, this is is where it happens.

Industrial Kitchen: Unconventional culinary experiments, banana-bread baking for the weekly "Cider Night" study break, the occasional cooking of satiating breakfasts for the entire brotherhood, and barbecue preparation all occur here. This is a fully equipped kitchen, complete with some kosher stations.

Backyard: AEPi's backyard is home to an 8-person hot tub, numerous barbeques, and outdoor movie viewings. If that is not enough, it's easy to bring a frizbee, football, or water balloons to the Esplanade. The backyard also serves as AEPi's unofficial build shop, where the more engineering-inclined work on their own projects or build things for the house, such as the house bench-swing.


Rooming is guaranteed for all brothers. Two-thirds of all the bedrooms are singles, all of which are heated and air conditioned, and most of which have river views. Brothers often personalize their rooms with things like posters, records, fully-loaded movie/videogame set-ups, a mini-machine shop (complete with laser cutter and 3D printer, naturally), and sound equipment. Many brothers also make things to put in their rooms, such as custom furniture and the T-rex head in this picture.