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About & Purpose

The MIT Asian Dance Team was established in fall of 2009 and provides the MIT community with a taste of East Asian dance, from traditional Chinese, to contemporary lyrical, to Korean hiphop, to Japanese idol-dance, to aboriginal folk. Most of our dances are either self-choreographed or adapted from award-winning pieces in China's dance competitions; there's something for every member of every level of experience!

As a cultural group on campus, ADT hopes to express the grace, power, and diversity of these various East Asian artforms through our two grand showcases each year - one in the winter and one in the spring - to show off how much we've grown during the year. Each showcase is comprised of 15-20 dances, oftentimes with guest performances by other East Asian groups such as acapella group Syncopasian or the Chinese Ensemble. In addition to these showcases, we also perform at various events and gatherings within MIT and the Greater Boston community, such as Nightmarket and Lunar New Year celebrations.


MITADT began innocently enough - as the dream of a Chinese-dance-addicted sophomore. Without rights to reserve practice spaces on campus, without a founding team, with only colourful fliers and a few low-quality videos of famous Chinese dance pieces, the first member of ADT set up shop at the 2009 Orientation Activities Midway. Surprisingly, turnout for the audition was extremely positive - nearly 20 individuals showed up to strut their stuff. ADT was originally structured in a five-group hierarchy with assigned dances depending on skill level, but has since moved into a per-dance structure, allowing members to take on as many or as few dances as they want to explore.

MITADT's first public performance happened at the Family Weekend 2009 Cultural Luncheon in Walker Memorial. Since then, ADT has been invited to cultural celebrations, private events, and more. (See a complete list in our performance archive!) From only 12 members participating in our first performance to the 25 currently part of the team, ADT has grown in leaps and bounds since its inaugural semester. We have now switched to a semesterly showcase schedule and participate in some of the largest events on campus, including Alpha Chi Omega's annual Lipsync, the annual Asian joint culture celebration Nightmarket, and even Diwali Night.