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Association of Puerto Rican Students

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Association of Puerto Rican Students
Type of Group: Cultural Group / Interest Group
Founded: {{{est}}}
President: Emmanuel Carrodeguas '14
Vice-President: Caterina Colon '15

The Association of Puerto Rican Students, or APR, is composed of students interested in promoting Puerto Rican Culture on campus and supporting students from the Island or interested in Puerto Rico.

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to further the following objectives: -To improve the quality of life for all Puerto Rican students at the -Massachusetts Institute of Technology. -To promote the Puerto Rican culture through social and cultural activities. -To increase the enrollment of Puerto Rican Students at MIT through active recruitments at MIT, at our homes, or whenever the opportunity arises to bring students to MIT. -To work in solidarity with other minority student groups or any other group which seeks our support