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Burton Conner House

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Burton Conner House
Address: 410 Memorial Drive
Building # W51
Occupancy: 344
Room Types: singles, doubles, triples
Dining: No dining plan; kitchens in suites
Housemasters: Merritt Roe Smith and Bronwyn M. Mellquist
Opened: 1939
Housing info:

Burton Conner House (there is no official concensus on whether the name is hyphenated or not) is an undergrad dorm.


Burton Conner used to be two separate dorms (Burton and Conner, named after alumni), and each floor remains divided into a Burton and a Conner side. The Burton side has five residential floors (1 through 5), and the Conner side has four (2 through 5). Students live in suites each containing about 4 to 10 residents.

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