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Things to do in Cambridge

Eating and Shopping

   Kendall Square 
   Kendall Square is not only close to campus but it also has really great food options.  Some popular restaurants are Cosi, Chipotle, and Au Bon Pain.  But there is also a food court next to the coop with a variety of different ethnic cuisines.  Also, some food trucks like parking outside of MIT Medical and they serve very delicious food and at cheap prices as well! Also, from June through October, there is a Farmer’s Market at Kendall Square every Thursday in South Plaza.   Kendall also houses the very popular Garment District.  Created in 1986, the Garment District is a unique department store that offers a wide variety of vintage, as well as contemporary, clothing in cheap and affordable prices. It also holds a "By the Pound" section where you can by clothes for $1.50 per pound! If you also have any clothes that you don't want anymore, the garment district also accepts donations.  
   Harvard Square 
   Harvard Square also has dozens of restaurants for you to eat in.  They range from frozen yogurt places to small cafes to famous restaurants like IHOP, Panera, and UNO.  It is definitely a good place to go and eat during the weekend.  Some places to try: Tamarind Bay if you like Indian, FiRE and iCE, and Felipe’s Taqueria.  In addition to having a great variety of restaurants, Harvard Square has a number of shopping destinations like Urban Outfitters, Nike, Gap, American Apparel, and many other stores.   
   Cambridgeside Galleria  
   The Galleria is a popular place for many MIT students to go shopping.  It offers a great selection of stores and a good getaway if you want to take a break from classes.  Every day, there is a shuttle that runs to the Galleria from Kendall Square, but on a nice day it is a short walk away.

Arts and Entertainment

    MIT Museum  
   The Museum was founded in 1971 and it holds a lot many different artifacts from MIT history as well as collections of artificial intelligence, robotics, holography, and other technology related works.  It’s a cool place to go and see how much MIT has contributed to the world of technology and it’s a great place to take your family when they visit.   
   Harvard Museum of Natural History 
   The Harvard Museum contains exhibits with specimens from historical research in zoology, herbaria, and mineralogy.  In the museum, you can encounter exhibits that show the great diversity of living and non-living things on earth.  For example, there are dinosaur fossils to meteorites.  It’s worth a visit if you have time and is free to MIT students.    
   Charles River  
   You can do many activities by the Charles River. For example, it has banks in Cambridge where you can hang out with friends on a nice day and also has a running track for those of you who like jogging. Both Harvard and MIT use the river for sailing and also offer classes for anyone to take during the summer and even the school year.  During 4th of July many gather by the Charles (near Sloan Business School) to watch the amazing fireworks.  
   The Middle East 
   The Middle East is a restaurant and nightclub located in Central Square.  It is one of the only nightclubs that allow 18+ so it is a common watering hole among college students in Cambridge and Boston.  Many local bands and groups come to the Middle East to perform.   T.T. the Bear's Place is another club where you can go hear some more local music.