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Campus Preview Weekend

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Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) is an opportunity for students admitted to MIT to visit some time during April and get a feel for the school. But unlike other colleges, MIT's Campus Preview Weekend involves several jam-packed days of over 750 events planned by both the school and student groups on campus. Admittees get a true sense of MIT culture and students through fun events happening at all hours of the day. The tradition for students visiting MIT during CPW is to have as much fun and as little sleep as possible.

Events range from barbecues, hair dying, eating liquid nitrogen ice-cream, ultimate Frisbee, opportunities to sit in on classes, karaoke, card games, tours of campus, labs, and dorms, video games, and tons of free food (pasta dinners, steaks, sundaes, smoothies... you name it). CPW exposes students to the wide range of groups on campus and allows students to explore the potential clubs and organizations they would like to join as well as get a sense of which dorm they might want to live in.

MIT is intense academically and CPW not only exposes the admittees to the supportive student community but to the various crazy ways in which MIT students have fun.