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MIT Challah for Hunger is a non profit organization that bakes and sells challah (a type of traditional Jewish bread) and donates the proceeds to local and global charities to fight world hunger.

Challah for Hunger meets on Thursday nights during the semester in the Next House Country Kitchen to bake challah. There's music, baking, people and fun! Everyone is welcome!

Popular flavors include: Nutella Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Coconut Apple Pie Garlic Herb Plain

MIT Challah for Hunger was founded in Fall 2011, and has quickly become a presence on campus. Originally, sales took place in lobby 10. In the spring 2013 challah season, a dorm delivery service was unveiled, to great popularity. Challah is also sold straight out of the ovens in Next. Nexties know it's Thursday when the smell of warm challah fills the halls!