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Chinese Students' Club, commonly known as CSC, is a Chinese cultural club at MIT.


Mission Statement

Mr. CSC, the CSC mascot, getting kissed by a starstruck girl.

The missions statement of the MIT Chinese Students' Club is:

MIT CSC, the oldest cultural club on campus, strives to establish an inclusive and enthusiastic community amongst our members and the greater Boston area by promoting Chinese culture.


The Chinese Students' Club was founded in 1916, and is the oldest student-run cultural organization on campus. For almost a century now, CSC has spread Chinese culture throughout the MIT campus by regularly holding events open to students of all ethnicities and all schools.


MIT CSC events are open to the entire community! You do not need to be Chinese to attend these events or join the executive committee!

Chinese New Years Banquet


Held every year during the Chinese Lunar New Years Festival, the Chinese New Years banquet is a large banquet event held by only CSC. Attendees to the banquet are treated with delicious catered food, party favors, and a stunning talent show. The talent show features acts from various MIT clubs and concludes with a special guest. In recent years, CSC has had such special guests as Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions.

Utopia Boat Cruise

The Utopia Boat Cruise is a huge annual intercollegiate event. Usually collaborating with Harvard and Boston University, CSC rents a cruise ship for a night to throw a massive party.

Noodle Frenzy


Noodle Frenzy was held this last Campus Preview Weekend for the pre-frosh. Pre-frosh could come and eat as much noodles as they wanted for free! It's also a great way to meet the CSC executive board and other MIT upperclassmen over a delicious free meal.



Nightmarket is an event held once a year by CSC in conjunction with the various other Asian cultural clubs on campus. Students are given tickets (and can purchase more) to use at numerous stations at the Nightmarket. There are stations to buy a myriad of Asian foods one would see at an actual Asian night market, as well as stations to play cultural games, receive small souveniors, and a photobooth to take pictures with Mr. CSC.

Boba Sales


CSC sells Leisure Station Bubble Tea at a discounted price every couple months or so. You can buy Black Milk Tea or Thai Iced Tea for $3 each. Make sure you pick up a frequent drinker card so that after your 9th bubble tea, you get the 10th free!

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