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Computer Science and Molecular Biology

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Computer Science and Molecular Biology, otherwise known as Course 6-7, is a course of study offered jointly between the department of Biology in the School of Science and the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the School of Engineering.


Overview and History

The Computer Science and Molecular Biology major was founded in light of the rapidly evolving field of computational biology. The goal of the program is to give students an early exposure to and a strong foundation in both computer science and biology, including electives typically offered only at the graduate level. Students could declare 6-7 as a major starting in Spring 2011.

Major Requirements

In addition to the General Institute Requirements, the Course 6-7 major requirements are as follows:

  • Differential Equations or Linear Algebra (12 units): 18.03 or 18.06
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I (12 units): 6.01
  • Mathematics for Computer Science (12 units): 6.042
  • Organic Chemistry I (12 units): 5.12
  • Introduction to Experimental Biology and Communication (18 units): 7.02
  • Thermodynamics (12 units): 7.10 or 5.60 or 20.110J or 20.111
  • Genetics (12 units): 7.03
  • Cell Biology (12 units): 7.06
  • Biochemistry (12 units): 7.05 or 5.07
  • Elements of Software Construction (12 units): 6.005
  • Introduction to Algorithms (12 units): 6.006
  • Advanced Algorithms (12 units): 6.046
  • Restricted Elective in Biology (12 units): 7.20 or 7.23 or 7.27 or 7.28 or 7.33
  • Restricted Elective in Computational Biology (12 units): 6.047 or 6.581J or 6.874 or 6.877J or 7.36
  • Senior Project (12 units): 6.UAT and 6.UAP


Students in Course 6-7 have two advisors, one in the department of Biology and another in the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The latter is responsible for handling the Registration Forms and other paperwork, but students are expected to meet with both advisors at least once every semester.

Master of Engineering

A Master of Engineering program for students in Course 6-7 is currently being developed, and should be first offered in time for the graduating class of 2014 (rising sophomores in Fall 2011).

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