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MIT Groups
MIT Dance Troupe
Type of Group: Dance Group
Founded: 1994
Show Coordinator: Rebecca Lin '14
President: Kristin Au '14

Founded in 1994, the MIT Dance Troupe is the largest dance organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are a student-run group dedicated to bringing a variety of dance style to everyone in the mit community, regardless of level. Every semester, we offer various dance classes to our members and produce one full length concert. Our concerts are some of the most highly anticipated and well-attended events on campus. Membership is open to everyone, regardless of experience level.



Membership is open to everyone, regardless of experience level. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, staff, and anyone else in the area interested in dance. Membership dues are $15 per semester. Paying dues allows members to take unlimited Dance Troupe classes and participate in the concert. (Concert participation also depends on audition.)


Dance Troupe is run entirely by a group of student officers, all of whom are elected by the members of Dance Troupe. Officers for all positions except Vice President are elected at the end of the spring semester. Vice President is elected at the end of the fall semester. Officer terms are one year (two semesters), and there are no term limits.


Dance Troupe produces one concert every semester, usually with five shows over the course of one weekend. Our concerts are made up entirely of dances choreographed by students, and often include dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, modern, and more.

All members who want to be in the concert must audition. Auditions take place at the beginning of each semester. Members may participate in anywhere from one to four dances, with roughly one to two hours of rehearsal expected weekly per dance. In addition to rehearsals, dancers must attend First Showings and Second Showings (two run-throughs of the concert) and Production Week. Prod Week takes place the week before the concert and involves several dress rehearsals.

Other Events And Performances

In addition to the Fall and Spring concerts, Dance Troupe also regularly hosts workshops taught by various members of both our current and alumnae community. These workshops are generally held the weeks after the production of our concerts and before the end of the semester, during the MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP), and during the Summer.

MIT Dance Troupe also regularly performs at MIT-wide events including but not limited to the beginning Activities Midway, CPW Midway, and Relay for Life.

Past Shows

Fall 2008 — Insomnia

Spring 2009 — In the Spotlight

Fall 2009 — Recession

Spring 2010 — TXD

Fall 2010 — DanceTroupe in 3D

Spring 2011 — Flux

Fall 2011 — Pumped Up Kicks

Spring 2012 — NSFW: Not Safe For Work

Fall 2012 — 50 Shades of Plié

Spring 2013 — #DTMF

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