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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Delta Tau Delta
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: Delts
Address: 416 Beacon St Boston, MA
Established: 1889
Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard
National Site:

Work Hard, Play Hard is the motto we live by at Delta Tau Delta. Work Hard, because we excel in leadership, academics, and service to others. We take leadership roles on campus during the school year and shine in summer internships at Facebook, Goldman Sacs, TripAdvisor, Kayak, small start-ups, among many others. Many of our brothers also begin entrepreneurial endeavors during their tenure at MIT. Play Hard, because we recognize that there is more to life than classes and problem sets. Our social events include large parties, sorority mixers, invite-only cocktail events, and a formal. We pride ourselves on being one of the most all-around successful fraternities on campus.

Delta Tau Delta, commonly known as Delts, is situated in a spacious and beautiful brownstone at 416 Beacon Street in Back Bay, Boston. Our chapter of about 40 brothers boasts a 72" HDTV, HD DirecTV, beautiful roof deck, laundry facilities, 20tb server, study room, music room, in-house gym, six-car garage, pool table, and Ken Koga, our personal chef. The Delt Shelter is the place where we have fun, study, and visit, even years after you graduate.