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Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

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MIT Undergraduate Departments
Course 12
Programs Offered: Major, Double Major, Minor
Department Head: Maria T. Zuber
Department Headquarters: 54-918
Undergraduate Administrator: Vicki Mckenna
Undergraduate Office: 54-910
UROP Coordinator: Vicki McKenna

Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) majors at MIT used to be required to pick one of several tracks (geoscience, environmental science, atmospheres/oceans/climate, or planetary science/astronomy), but now (starting with the class of 2013) can combine fields using this guide. All students complete three core classes, differential equations, and a thesis, and choose labs and advanced classes based on their field of interest. EAPS is a small department, with small classes and accessible professors. Most classes and professors offices are located in the green building (building 54).

For more information about majoring in Course 12, visit Course 12 at MIT