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East Campus

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East Campus
Address: 3 Ames Street
Building # 62 & 64
Occupancy: 354
Room Types: singles, doubles
Dining: No meal plan; one kitchen per hall
Housemasters: Tom and Kate Delaney
Housing info:

East Campus, officially called East Campus Alumni Memorial Housing, and sometimes referred to as EC or Fred, is an undergrad dorm (not to be confused with "east campus", which refers to the east side of campus or the dorms on the east side). Its residents are probably best known for building things (like a rollercoaster every year during Rush), hacking, and playing loud music in the courtyard.


East Campus consists of two buildings (the "East Parallel" and "West Parallel") that are connected only underground. Each parallel has five floors, for a total of 10 halls, each of which has a distinct culture.


Freshmen are initially assigned to temporary rooms. The evening of the day after the housing readjustment lottery ends (when freshmen are given their final dorm assignments), there is Hall Rush, where all the halls have food and activities. During this period of about four hours, all the freshmen who will be living at EC are required to visit all the halls, so that they can get to know the upperclassmen of each hall and get a sense of where they want to live. Then they rate each hall, and rooms are assigned by EC officers and representatives from the halls.

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