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MIT is home to one of the broadest and most advanced arrays of technical facilities anywhere in the world. It also offers a welcoming and vibrant residential community with first-class athletic features.


The MIT Libraries support the Institute's programs of study and research with a wide variety of resources and services. Five major subject libraries—for Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Management, and Science—as well as five specialized libraries offer access to more than 2.6 million volumes, 17,000 current print journal titles, over 30,000 electronic journal titles, 478 online databases, and extensive collections of maps, microforms, musical scores, sound recordings, and videotapes. For recreational reading, the Humanities Library beckons with a serene Charles River vista.

  • List of Libraries:
    • Barker Engineering Library (10-500)
    • Hayden Humanities & Sciences Library (14S-100)
    • Lewis Music Library (14E-109)
    • Dewey Management & Social Sciences (E53-100)
    • Institute Archives & Special Collections (14N-118)
    • Rotch Architecture & Planning Library (7-238)


MIT's computing environment is known as Athena. Athena has more than 600 Unix and Linux workstations distributed around campus buildings and dorms. The Institute is a Class A network, owning 2^24 (16,777,216) IP addresses, and boasts an extensive wireless network.

MIT strongly encourages incoming students to bring a laptop. We offer a range of information about computing at MIT, including recommended computers.