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MIT Fitness and Recreation

MIT takes health and fitness very seriously and offers a variety of facilities, programs, and resources to improve the community’s overall health and wellness.


The Z-Center

MIT’s premier fitness and recreation center is the Zesiger Center (located next to the Stratton Student Center). The center is named after Al and Barrie Zesiger not only for their continuous contribution and support to MIT’s health and fitness programs but also for their passion as athletes themselves. For example, Mr. Zesiger has run 17 marathons and climbed major peaks such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Washington. Furthermore, the couple has swum together from Alcatraz to San Francisco, and also from San Francisco to Marin County under the Golden Gate Bridge. The Center started being built in October of 2000 and was finished by 2002. By 2003 it was already named one of the “10 national Facility of Merit” winners at the 22nd Annual Athletic Business Conference. To this day the Z-Center gets over 500,000 individual visits a year.


Currently, his state of the art facility contains an Olympic sized swimming pool, squash courts, an indoor soccer court and track, basketball courts, an ice skating rink during the winter, and many other facilities. The main fitness complex has different kinds of cardio, and strength training equipment. An added benefit: there is free satellite radio on most cardio machines as well as televisions to take advantage of while exercising. The Z- center also offers personal training and massage sessions.

Wang Fitness Center

The Alumni Wang Fitness Center was a recent addition to MIT’s fitness facilities to allow the community with a centrally located fitness and aquatic center. Like the Z-Center, it also harbors different types of exercise equipment. Additionally, it is the center of the MIT Group Exercise Program which hosts a variety of group classes including Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, and Kickboxing.

Other Facilities

  • Briggs Field: baseball and softball
  • DuPont Athletic Center: basketball, fencing, riffle, and volley ball
  • DuPont outdoor tennis courts and tennis bubble
  • Steinbrenner Stadium: football, lacrosse, soccer, track and field
  • Jack Barry field: field hockey
  • Johnson Athletic Center: fencing, tennis, track and field
  • Harold W Pierce Boathouse: sailing, rowing, canoeing

For more convenience, MIT Dorms have their own fitness rooms equipped with a number of machines. So even when a blizzard has decided to blanket the east coast with snow, you can still fit in a workout without stepping outside!

PE Requirement

To further ensure healthy living, undergraduates are required to take four PE classes as part of their GIRs. Classes range from archery to swimming and not only serve as ways to improve all around fitness and wellness, but also serve to release the great amount of stress that accumulates during the week.

MIT Varsity, Intramural, and Club Sports

MIT also has a variety of sports in the varsity, club, and intramural levels. (See Sports page)