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The MIT Hobby Shop is a fully equipped wood and metal shop that teaches students the art of thoughtful design. It has been fostering MIT’s spirit of learning by doing for over 70 years by providing tools, training and assistance to all MIT students, faculty, staff and alums interested in turning their ideas into reality.


In the 1937-38 academic year, Vannevar Bush, then Vice President of MIT, granted a group of 16 MIT students permission to use a room in the basement of building 2. With equipment they found around the Institute they set up a wood and metal shop in the 16-foot by 22-foot area. The club members chose the name “Hobby Shop” based on their belief in the philosophy that the well rounded individual pursued interests outside their profession - hobbies.

For MIT students, hobbies involved making things, and with their imaginations and talents, a well equipped shop opened up limitless possibilities. The original Hobby Shop constitution stated that the shop was only to be used by students for non-academic work. The shop operated as a club with a student foreman and members starting as apprentices and progressing to journeymen and finally master craftsmen.

Summer Term 2014

June 2nd through August 29th
Mon and Friday 10am -6pm
Tues, Wed, Thur 10am -7pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, July 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Wednesday, August 13th