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In general, please follow standard Wikipedia policies and guidelines regarding content standards and best practices. You do not need to read every guideline before editing the wiki. However, it is suggested that you review a few of the guidelines which are highlighted below. You should also skim through the Wikipedia policies and guidelines to get an overview of how to write and organize content.


Policies specific to MITwiki

The best way to envision this site is to see it as the GAMIT (how to Get Around MIT) Guide, Housing Guide, the ASA First Year Mailing, and the Greek Griller guide all rolled into one. Current students are welcome to edit the content and promote everything that they are involved in as they see fit.

1. No profanity or strong language. Remember, much of the audience is 18 years old or younger.

2. Abstain from posting content that contains inside jokes among a small group of people. Exercise your best judgment on what is relevant and helpful knowledge vs. irrelevant banter.

3. Sourcing - whenever possible, it is ideal if you can provide links to external webpages that back up your claims (just like actual Wikipedia). However, we also understand that this is impossible in many cases, so feel free to do as you see fit!




  • Article titles should use common names, capitalize the first letter of the first word, and only capitalize following words in a proper name.
  • Use a neutral point of view, and try to avoid weasel words.
  • Content should be verifiable. Provide citations wherever possible.
  • Do not override site style. Insert only plain text, plus images and appropriate section headers. (obvious exception: "badge" templates)