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MacGregor House

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MacGregor House
Address: 450 Memorial Drive
Building # W61
Occupancy: 326
Room Types: singles, doubles
Dining: No dining plan, kitchens on floors
Housemasters: Munther and Jinane Dahleh
Housing info:

MacGregor House is an undergrad dorm.


MacGregor consists of nine entries: five in the 16-story part of the building, and four in the 4-story part. Each entry consists of several suites, and each suite contains six to eight bedrooms plus a bathroom, kitchen, and lounge.


Almost all rooms in MacGregor are singles. The few doubles that exist in the dorm are assigned only upon request.

Incoming freshmen who choose to live in MacGregor are asked to list their preference for each entry after being given a tour of the entire dorm that allows them to meet upperclassmen. Once freshmen are assigned to a particular entry via an optimization algorithm, upperclassmen from each entry will use information the freshmen have provided about their living habits and preferences to assign specific rooms.

Single-sex suites (both female- and male-only) are available in selected entries. Students who request single-sex suites are assigned entries independently of the matching algorithm to ensure that their needs are met.

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