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MIT Mocha Moves
Type of Group: Dance
Founded: 1999

Mocha Moves was created with the aim to promote and celebrate hip hop and urban dance culture at MIT and throughout the Greater Boston Area. Dance is our passion and we love being able to share our unique Mocha Flava with others!



Each Fall, Mocha Moves puts on Ring The Alarm, an urban dance competition, on MIT's campus. Teams come from all around the Boston dance scene - MIT, other local colleges, and outside teams - to compete in this charity event.

Each Spring, Mocha Moves puts on a full length (approx. 2 hour long) show called the Mocha Show. This show consists of sets entirely made up of dancers from Mocha Moves. Members work over IAP and February to choreograph, teach, stage, and perform this full-length show. Every Mocha Show also has a "Classic" piece from Ring The Alarm two years prior.

Active Members

* = MoCaptain

Aaron Suarez
Ami Wang*
Claire Patterson
Francisco Peña
Herman Li
Krystal Arroyo-Flores*
Kwesi Phillips*
Matthew Fox*
Mitali Kini*
Nicci Cazares
Phu Nguyen
Victoria Jones


The History of Mocha Moves is currently being compiled!


Check out Mocha Moves on:
Twitter - @MITMochaMoves

Contact Mocha by emailing [email protected]