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Music is a department in MIT's School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences, otherwise known as Course 21M.


Overview and History

Course 21M in Music

Major Requirements

The Course 21M in Music major requirements are as follows:

  • Music Theory I (12 units): 21M.301
  • Music Theory II (12 units): 21M.302
  • Two (2) terms of performance subjects (6 units each): 21M.401-21M.499
  • Senior Seminar in Music (12 units): 21M.500
  • Three (3) electives, one chosen from each category:


The Course 21M in Music minor requires six subjects from the following three tiers:

  • Tier I: One subject
    • Introduction to Western Music - 21M011
    • Introduction to World Music - 21M030
    • Fundamentals of Music - 21M051
  • Tier II: Three subjects, one from each of the following areas:
    • History/Literature: 21M200-299
    • Theory/Composition: 21M301
    • Performance, which must be taken for two terms: 21M400-499
  • Tier III: Two subjects from one of the three areas:
    • History/Literature: 21M200-299
    • Theory/Composition: 21M300-399, 21M500, 21M550-589
    • Performance (four terms): 21M400-21M499

N.B. In consultation with the minor advisor, students with prior musical knowledge or experience may wish to substitute a subject from Tiers II or III for the subject in Tier I.

Performance Groups (for-credit)

  • MIT Concert Choir (21M.401): Dr. William Cutter, Music Director, large choral group.
  • MIT Chamber Chorus (21M.405): Dr. William Cutter, Music Director; Karen Harvey, Accompanist/Assistant Conductor; small choral group, designed for more advanced singers.
  • MIT Chamber Music Society (21M.445): Professor Marcus Thompson, Director; comprised of students selected by audition to study and perform classical chamber music and jazz combo literature.
  • MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble (21M.442): Dr. Frederick Harris, Jr., Music Director, repertoire includes jazz standards, as well as newly-commissioned works.
  • MIT Galak Tika (21M.450): Professor Evan Ziporyn, Director; Balinese gamelan group.
  • MIT Rambax (21M.460): Professor Patricia Tang and Lamine Touré, Directors; Senegalese drumming group.
  • MIT Symphony Orchestra (21M.421): Dr. Adam Boyles, Music Director; in addition to regular concert season, hosts annual Concerto Competition in February, open to MIT students only.
  • MIT Wind Ensemble (21M.426): Dr. Frederick Harris, Jr., Music Director; performs music for large and small wind ensembles from the 16th century to the present day.

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