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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Phi Sigma Kappa
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: Phi Sig
Address: 5487 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Established: 1902
Size: 27
Motto: Damn Proud.
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The Omicron chapter of Phi Sig Kappa, more commonly known as Phi Sig, has been an active MIT fraternity since 1902 and today is one of the largest MIT fraternities with more than 40 active brothers. The brotherhood is known for their social events (including the Marathon Day celebration) and their historic mansion in Kemore square, located at 487 Commonwealth Ave.



The Omicron Chapter of Phi Sig at MIT was founded in 1902. On May 16, 1925, the chapter acquired its Kemore Square mansion ("the House"). With the acquisition of the adjacent building in 1982 ("the Annex"), the fraternity had the space to grow to its current size of about 40 resident brothers and 15-20 non-resident freshman, making it one of the largest fraternities in Boston.


The 40+ active brothers of Phi Sig don't fit any specific mold. More than half the brothers compete across 10 varsity and club sports, including soccer, wrestling, track, football, swimming, water polo, rifle, hockey, skiing, and cycling. We also maintain the third highest GPA among MIT fraternities, which themselves have a higher average GPA than dorms, with brothers spanning almost every technical major. In the past two years our brotherhood has included the Presidents of theUndergraduate Assocation as well as Interfraternity Council presidents, national wrestling and gymnastics champions, and the winner of the 2.007 competition.

Recent graduates have gone into PhD programs in everything from material science to robotics, earned themselves jobs at top software and finance companies, been named recipients of Fulbright and NSF scholarships, and started YC-funded companies.

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But our diverse talents and achievements cannot describe us fully. At its heart, college and especially fraternity life is about developing strong bonds and memories, and Phi Sig is no exception. At 487 Commonwealth we host social events in all forms, at least one a week, ranging from large dance parties (complete with two dance cages) held in the chapter and dining rooms to smaller themed parties in the rooms of the Annex, as well as roof deck parties and mixers with sororities and sports teams.

Rafting.jpgOur best known social event is the annual Marathon Day Party, during which thousands of Boston's top athletes (including half a dozen brothers or so every year) run the last mile of the race right past the front of our house. Festitivities usually include a large street-side cookout, a dunk tank, the Red Bull MXT, and often a radio station mobile broadcast.

Phi Sig also hosts the CPW Graffiti Party, in which pre-frosh unleash neon spray paint on the oak walls of the chapter room, covered in black plastic. Blacklights and highlighters and our traditional DJ stand make the night one to remember. Graffiti.jpg

In addition to public parties, Phi Sig hosts a winter and spring formal each year open to brothers and dates. We also journey on special brothers-only retreats, which in the past has consisted of camping, skiing, or white-water rafting.

Finally, small things make every day life at Phi Sig more social. We field multiple intramural teams every season. Unlike most fraternities, Phi Sig has no chef. Instead, brothers work together to provide a home-cooked dinner every night. Elected chefs prepare delicious food on a weekly basis, and at the end of the semester compete head to head in our very own Iron Chef competition. Additional meals are served at midnight each night.


The House was originally built as the Lieutenant Governor’s mansion by architect R. Clipson Sturgis. The brotherhood has undertaken extensive renovations since that time, such as the construction of lofts in bedrooms, but much of the original detail remains, especially in the historic chapter room. Over the summer of 2011, the dining room underwent a complete renovation to match the chaper room's oak paneling and 19th century style.

Common rooms include an entertainment lounge, billiards room, workshop, gym and weight room, foosball and putting lounge, library, computer lab, bike garage, commercial chef’s kitchen, chapter room, dining room, as well as the roof deck with a dramatic view of the Boston skyline and Kenmore Square. Three MIT sorority houses, two BU dormitories, and Fenway Park surround PSK's two stately townhouses. PhiSigHouse.jpg

About 40 brothers live in the house. Bedrooms include lofted beds, and access to the house media server. One of these bedrooms also has a projector and movie screen, while another sports a lofted cargo net with a capacity of about 10 people. The rooms in the Annex also have kitchens.

The basement of the Annex is rented as business space, currently to a yoga studio.

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Alumni The Alumni Association of the Omicron chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was founded in 1919 owns the chapter's buildings. The Association advises the undergraduates and provides annual academic scholarships.

Notable alumni include:

  • Paul E. Gray '54, 14th President of MIT.
  • E. Patrick Coady '60, Former Director of the World Bank and Chairman of Coady Diemar Partners
  • John H. Sununu '61, former Governor of New Hampshire, former White House Chief of Staff.
  • Winthrop Buck Cody II '82, Head of Wealth Management iGate Corporation
  • James Michael Prusko '86, Head of Structured Credit at Magnetar Capital, LLC
  • George C. Chacko '89, Chief Investment Officer of Auda International Hedge Funds, former Harvard Business School professor of finance.
  • Scott Brian Nishiyama '96, Renowned chef, previously of New York City's Daniel and The French Laundry in Napa Valley. Nishiyama did much of his early cooking in the Phi Sig commercial kitchen.

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