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Readjustment Lottery The Readjustment Lottery is a lottery through which freshmen can attempt to move out of the dorms they were temped in from the summer housing lottery. After REX, freshmen can submit an ordered list of up to four dorms they would rather move to than stay in their current assignment. Within a day or so, students are notified of new assignments. If a student is assigned to a different dorm in the readjustment lottery, he is required to move to that dorm (the lottery only works because they know how many people want to move into and out of each dorm). However, many students who enter the readjustment lottery do not get to move.

The following table shows, for the past five years, the percentage of freshmen who have entered the readjustment lottery, and of those who entered, the percentage who received a reassignment.

 Year    Entered    Reassigned	   Source
 2010	   24%	       50%	   The Tech
 2009	   20%	       56%	   The Tech
 2008	   24%	       59%	   The Tech
 2007	   20%	       74%	   The Tech
 2006	   15%	       82%	   The Tech

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