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Rune is a relatively small organization that seeks to churn out quality, representative work, all while trying not to take itself too seriously. After all, we persist yearly on the devotion of a handful of staff members, the gracious support of various humanities departments, and share a small side office with an undergraduate research journal, the news office, and a few other publications. Currently, we're looking to expand our efforts, and we could use your help!

A literary magazine runs on the strength of the submissions it receives. We are open to submissions of visual or literary art for the the better part of each academic school year though selections are officially broken into two rounds (a fall semester round and a spring semester round). The submissions are reviewed by the staff, and the top pieces are chosen for inclusion in our publication (with all rights retained by authors and artists).

Rune is funded currently by the Undergraduate Association, the Council for the Arts at MIT, and the Program for Writing and Humanistic Studies. In order to continue to serve the MIT community, it has become necessary to expand our funding base. We hope that you will consider contributing to the success of MIT's Literary and Art Magazine.