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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Sigma Nu
Epsilon Theta Chapter
Type: Fraternity
Address: 28 Fenway, Boston
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Sigma Nu is a fraternity at MIT. It is the Epsilon Theta chapter of Sigma Nu.

Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 as a non-hazing fraternity. The MIT chapter was founded in 1922, and its current incarnation dates to 1993.


Fraternity History

Sigma Nu is one of America's largest fraternities, with hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of brothers across the nation. As the fraternity was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute, Sigma Nu's founders were deeply averse to the rampant hazing that is typical at such military institutions; they therefore founded Sigma Nu as an anti-hazing fraternity.

MIT Chapter History

The Epsilon Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. was originally founded in 1922 at MIT by Sigma Nus from other universities. During the 1960s and 1970s, the chapter became more liberal compared to fraternities of the day. The members of the MIT chapter sought to become co-ed and even presented the idea at the 1972 Grand Chapter of Sigma Nu in a presentation titled "Coedity in Sigma Nu," which was voted down. Despite this setback, the chapter began electing women to house positions, but not official fraternal positions. In 1974 a woman was elected house president, though not chapter commander (Sigma Nu's title for Chapter President). The chapter's charter was revoked later that year. The co-ed fraternity became known as Epsilon Theta at MIT.

In 1990 the national organization of Alpha Epsilon Pi — an historically Jewish fraternity — sought to return to its Jewish roots by removing the non-Jewish brothers of the MIT chapter. Some of the men no longer affiliated with Alpha Epsilon Pi went on to form the local fraternity Delta Pi (which stands for Diversity and Perseverance).

In March 1993 the brothers of Delta Pi, seeking to join a national organization, became a colony of Sigma Nu. Two years later the colony was recharted as the Epsilon Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., making it one of the youngest fraternities on campus.


The historic and expansive Sigma Nu house is located at 28 The Fenway in Boston. Centered around an elegant spiral staircase that extends from the foyer to the 4th floor — one of only two privately owned spiral staircases in Boston — the house hosts over 14 bedrooms. The house also features a ballroom that is the largest privately owned spaced in the Back Bay and is ideal for any event, from formals to indoor field hockey. The house was originally presented as a wedding gift from the governor of Massachusetts to his daughter. Before becoming a fraternity house, 28 The Fenway served as a boarding school. The house still boasts many stunning inlays from its time.


According to the brothers of Sigma Nu, "The most important facet of our fraternity life is brotherhood. We develop the bonds of brotherhood through various activities. Our favorites include barbecues on our front lawn, cheering on the MIT hockey team, video games (like Super Smash Brothers), having philosophical debates, sports, films, partying, brotherhood retreats, Fun Brother Fridays, and music."

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