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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Massachusetts Delta
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: SigEp
Address: 518 and 515 Beacon Street, Boston
Established: 1952
Size: 27
Motto: Sound Mind, Sound Body
National Site:


Established in 1948 as the "Pegis Club", Sigma Phi Epsilon at MIT (a.k.a. SigEp) is a fraternity built upon the ideals of life balance and leadership. Unlike other fraternities, SigEp is a non-pledging fraternity, meaning its new members do not undergo initiation and do not partake in an pledging period. Instead, members organize and participate in a leadership development program called the Balanced Man Program. The program is put in place to teach members leadership skills that would not be taught otherwise in the classroom, preparing the brothersfor life after MIT.

Every year, SigEp holds the Balanced Man Scholarship, a scholarship that aims to recognize and award both incoming and current MIT students who exhibit balance in their everyday lives.

Recently, the MIT chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon went under a major reorganization spearheaded by their Alumni Board. As a result, the chapter has evolved from a large 70-man chapter to a tight-knit community of 27 brothers.

518 and 515 Beacon Street

SigEp is unique in that it owns two brownstones on Beacon Street in Boston. Located right on the Charles River and a couple blocks away from Fenway Park, the houses are a huge asset and luxury to the brothers. Currently, SigEp Brothers live in 518 while the house on 515 is being utilized as an incubator for startup companies known as the Residential Learning and Innovation (RLIC) Community. More information on the RLIC can be found here: