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The MIT Sport Taekwondo Club practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:30-9:30 pm in the Dupont Basketball Courts, and every Sunday from 3:30-5:30 pm in the T-Club lounge. The club always welcomes new members, regardless of previous martial arts experience.

Different from the Taekwondo Club, the Sport Taekwondo Club participates in five Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo conference (ECTC) tournaments, and the National Collegiate tournament each year. As of 2011, the club currently holds the title of ECTC champions, and has won six ECTC and four Nationals titles in its ten years of existence



The idea of creating a sport taekwondo club at MIT initially started in 2000, when MIT student Christina Park, and Daniel Chuang, a fifth degree black belt and Cornell graduate, started a sport taekwondo PE class. After the organization of students trained for one year, the club, which included Conor Madigan, future 2004 Olympian Chinedum Osuji, and a few yellow belts from the PE class, attended its first INCTL tournament in 2001. In 2002, the club placed in its first tournament by tying Cornell, and in 2003, the club won its first INCTL cup, and was officially recognized as a club sport. In 2004, the club won its first Overall National Championship, and won the INCTL cup for the second year in a row. Known as the ‘golden years’ of the club, from 2003-2006 the club won the INCTL cup for four years in a row, and in 2005, the club hosted its first INCTL tournament. Later that season, the club also hosted Collegiate Nationals and placed second overall at that tournament. In 2008, the club took first place overall at Collegiate Nationals, which marked its first year of its three time overall national champion record. In 2009, after two years of taking second place, the club took back the INCTL/ECTC cup from Cornell, and in 2011, the club won the ECTC cup for the sixth time.

In addition, the club has also placed many of its members on international teams. Christina Park participated in the Summer World University Games in 2003,2005, and 2007, and has participated in the World University Championships in 2004 and 2006. In 2004, Chinedum Osuji participated in the summer Olympics in Athens, and in 2009 Bobby Ren, Alicia Zhou, Karolina Corin, and Becca Hung were on the US National Collegiate Poomsae team. The following year, the majority of the US National Collegiate Poomsae team was composed of members from the club, including Bobby Ren, Alicia Zhou, Erika Lee, Richard Duane Chambers, and Daniel Sauza. In 2011, Erika Lee and Rene Chen both earned spots on the US National Collegiate Poomsae team, while Rene Chen also earned a place on the US National Poomsae team.

Sport Taekwondo PE Class

The Sport Taekwondo PE class is offered twice a year: once during the first quarter of the fall semester, and once during IAP. In the PE class, students are taught basic stances, such as ap kubi and jujum seogi, hand techniques, such as arae makki, and kicks, such as dollyo chagi. Students also learn a form and sparring step drills, as well as the opportunity to participate in olympic style sparring. By the end of the PE class, students have the opportunity to test for their yellow belts, and can join the club if he or she so desires.

ECTC Tournaments

Throughout the year, the club competes in five ECTC tournaments. These tournaments are open for all club members to compete in, regardless if the member is an experienced black belt or a white belt who just finished the PE class. Each tournament usually lasts an entire day, with the poomsae competition in the morning, and the sparring competition in the afternoon. During the poomsae competition, each competitor competes individually in divisions that are rank appropriate (ie, yellow belts will only compete against other yellow belts). Points are awards to the team that each first through third place competitor represents.

For the sparring competition, a women's and men's division exists, with each division further divided by experience: A team is for black belts and higher, B team for blue through red belts, and C team for green belts and below. During the competition, three person teams are formed which consist of a lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. The team which wins two out of three of the matches will advance to the next round, and points are awarded to the team which places first, second, and third.

At the end of the tournament, the points that each school earned throughout the day are tallied, and the school with the most points wins the tournament. These point totals are kept and points are added on throughout the season. By the end of the season, the school with the most points earns the title of ECTC Champions, and takes home the ECTC Cup.


Cheering is an integral part of the Sport Taekwondo Club!!! Whether it's a particularly difficult drill during practice, or a nail-bitingly close match at a tournament, the team will always be there cheering each other on! Below are a couple of our staple cheers. The person leading cheer goes first, while the club yells what is written in parenthesis:

1] Kick it! (Harder!)

Score it! (Better!)

Step it! (Faster!)

We are! (Stronger!)

Harder! Better! Faster! Stronger! MIT HAAAAA!!!!!

2] Go Tech Go Tech! (In your face!)

Never train for! (Second place!)

If they score! (Show no slack!)

Step it up! Step it up! (Win it back!)

MIT! (Ha!) MIT! (Ha!) MIT!! (Ha Ha Ha!)

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