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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Zeta Psi
Rho Alpha Chapter
Type: Fraternity
Address: 233 Massachusetts Avenue
Established: 1979

Zeta Psi is a fraternity at MIT. It is the Rho Alpha chapter of Zeta Psi.

Zeta Psi was founded June 1, 1847 as social fraternity. It is now an international fraternity, with chapters across the United States, Canada, and the Iota Omicron chapter at the University of Oxford. The MIT chapter was founded in 1979.


The Zeta Psi house on Mass Ave.

Rho Alpha occupies most of a three story building at 233 Massachusetts Ave. The house underwent significant remodelling in the summer of 2010.

The house's location means a five minute walk of the Central Square Red Line station, providing rapid transit to Boston. Popular Central Square restauarants, frequented by brothers, are also nearby. The house is three minutes from Killian Court, the Student Center, the athletic fields, Kresge Auditorium, the Infinite Corridor, and the Z Center.

The house contains 2 large common areas, a spacious weight room, a game room, TV room, and a dining room.The main common room, on the second floor, has a large flat-screen television and new leather couches. The second floor commons is the central location for brothers to relax and socialize. The third floor commons has three computers and also serves as a central meeting point for brothers. The weight room has free weights, a smith machine, and ample room for a favorite workout, P90X.The TV room has a 60 inch HDTV with full surround sound, MythTV, and Playstation 3.


Rho Alpha was founded on May 5, 1979. Its mother chapter is Pi Tau, of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As a colony, the future Rho Alpha chapter was known as Mu Tau. The original house location was at 905 Main Street in Cambridge, until Rho Alpha moved to its current location at 233 Massachusetts Avenue on November 11, 1981.

The current location was occupied by Revolution Books, a communist bookstore, prior to Rho Alpha's move. MIT begun the process of evicting Revolution Books, who believed the eviction to be a plot by the Reagan administration. Despite attempting to convince the brothers of Rho Alpha that they were pawns of the Institute, Revolution Books had to leave.