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Active Minds at MIT

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What is ActiveMinds?

  • A student-led initiative for better health and wellness, stress relief, and health education
  • Students who use peer-to-peer outreach for health advocacy and education with a focus on mental health
  • A liaison between students and the administration/mental health community
  • A national organization founded in 2001 with 200+ chapters worldwide
  • A resource for you, by you

Our mission:

  • To utilize peer outreach (“the student voice”) to increase students’ awareness of issues of mental health, symptoms of mental illness, and available resources for seeking help
  • To serve as liaison between students and the administration/mental health community, and become the major point of reference for mental illness and promotion of good mental health

What do ActiveMinds chapters do?

We utilize peer advocacy to…

  • Discuss…encourage discussion about mental health issues
  • Educate…students about signs, symptoms and prevalence of mental illness, and available resources
  • Expose…students to other people who have experienced mental illness, especially young adults who have been successful while living with a mental illness
  • Plan campus-friendly events…that reach as many members of the campus community as possible

Upcoming Events!

  • Counselors out of the Center (September)
  • "It's Kind of a Funny Story" Screening (October)
  • QPR Training Session (October)
  • Speak Your Mind at MIT (On Going!)

Interested in learning more!?

Contact us at [email protected] !

Visit our chapter's website at or the national organization's website at !