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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Theta Delta Chi
Theta Deuteron Chapter
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: TDC
Address: 372 Memorial Drive
Established: 1847
Mission: Improving the Intellectual, Moral, and Social Being Through Friendship
Motto: Our Hearts are United
National Site:



Theta Delta Chi boasts a tight-knit group of 30+ active brothers from a variety of different backgrounds. Brothers have attended public, private, and boarding schools as well as being home-schooled. They hail from all areas of the United States as well as internationally from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Their broad backgrounds are exemplified by the fact that brothers major in almost every engineering major at MIT as well as non-engineering majors and/or minors in fields such as music, biology, management, economics, and brain and cognitive sciences.

Brother involvement extends throughout the MIT campus. Current brothers are on the exectutive boards of DanceTroupe, Live Music Connection, Dramashop, Colleges Against Cancer, the Stand-Up Comedy Club, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Interfraternity Council. Brother involvement on campus extends into student government, intramural sports, academic groups, and community service.

Recent graduates have gone into Master's and Doctoral programs at schools including MIT, Yale, and University of Michigan. Others have gone directly into technical fields either nearby in Boston or exploring the world. Many alumni create start-ups with other Theta Delta Chi brothers and provide internships and career support for active brothers.

Social Events

Exemplifying the unofficial MIT motto of "Work Hard, Play Hard," Theta Delta Chi hosts weekly social events in all forms for brothers, friends, and the Boston-Cambridge community at large to de-stress and have fun. Events range from large parties in our pub with a DJ Booth and custom light shows to mixers with MIT sororities to small themed parties for close and future friends of the house. Dance classes are notorious for attracting large audiences to let out their inner swag with some hip hop or to explore new areas of dance and culture with salsa dancing.

Theta Delta Chi is also host to the annual CPW GLOW Party. Here, light shows, glow sticks, necklaces, and glasses combine with hot DJ mixes to create an unforgettable experience where throwdowns on the dance floor are not out of the question.

More private social events include an annual hiking trip, beach trips, and weekend retreats. During the early fall semester, you will find brothers sailing on the river enjoying the cool breeze before the winter months bring in snow, at which point they grab their snowboards and head for the mountains.

Additionally, Theta Delta Chi hosts a formal each semester. The Fall Formal, called Alumni Banquet, is attended by hundreds of alumni, active brothers, and dates alike. Alumni are invited to a celebratory dinner in Boston, where the achievements of alumni and actives are recognized and MIT faculty and staff are thanked for the support they show during the school year. Spring Banquet is hosted the next semester to celebrate the achievements of the year, to thank friends of the fraternity for their support, and to say goodbye to the seniors who always leave Theta Delta Chi better than they found it.


Originally the house of an MIT chancellor, the house at 372 Memorial Drive boasts common areas such as a TV room, a pool room, a music room, an Athena cluster, and a dining room. Facilities extend to a House Manager's closet stocked with power tools, a professional chef's kitchen (including the professional chef), and decks and balconies on every floor. There is even a pub taking up most of the basement that functions as a dance floor and an all-purpose venue for social gatherings.

Rooms are packed with contributions from actives and alumni alike including lofts, murals, an indoor rock climbing wall, and an indoor hammock overlooking the Charles River. Our personal chef, who was a runner-up on the TV show Hell's Kitchen, provides lunch and dinner. The second floor is home to the house Resident Advisor — a Theta Delta Chi alumnus — and his partner in a newly remodeled two-room area used as a bedroom and an office.

The Theta Delta Chi five-story waterfront mansion offers the feel of a fraternity house, the beauty of the Charles River, and the convenience of the MIT campus and facilities.


In past years, philanthropy events have helped Autism Speaks. In 2011, the chosen philanthropy of Theta Delta Chi was changed to cancer, due to Brother and past RA Phil Bannister-Marfuta's ('00) continuing struggle and chef January Lanosa's son going through cancer treatments. The Brothers felt it was a great way to give back to the relatives and friends who have struggled with or passed away because of cancer.

Theta Delta Chi participated in MIT's first Relay for Life in 2011, in which they raised $6646, the second highest of any organization out of the 38 participating. Relay for Life is an all-night event in which participating teams have at least one person walking around the track at all times. The event took place at MIT where hundreds of people came together to raise cancer awareness and contribute to the stated goal of creating more birthdays. One sixth of the funds contributed by Theta Delta Chi were raised through the social philanthropy event TDCares. About a third of the funds were contributed by alumni, and the remainder was contributed by personal and professional relations held by the brothers.


During Spring Break, 10 brothers went to Camp Sunshine, which was highly recommended by chef Jan Lanosa who has attended the camp for many years. Camp Sunshine supports children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. The camp has the distinction of being the only program in the nation with the mission to address the impact of a life-threatening illness on every member of the immediate family, including the parents and siblings along with the ill child. Much of the time, the kids going through treatment feel secluded due to their illness but Camp Sunshine is a time for them to forget the troubles of their daily life and enjoy each other's company.


Lester C. Thurow — Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management

David Trumper — MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Gilbert Strang — MIT Professor of Mathematics

Michael J. Saylor — Founder of MicroStrategy

Peter Diamandis — Founder and CEO of ZeroG, XPrize, and Rocket Racing League

Jonathan Goldstick — Halcrow Marine Engineer

Dan Geer — World-Renowned Computer Security Specialist

James Woods — Actor