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2.007 is Design and Manufacturing I, a core class taken by mechanical engineering students the spring of their sophomore year. Students develop robots for an end-of-semester competition while learning the design process and gaining machining experience.

The theme of the competition changes every year. It is unveiled at the beginning of the semester and generally involves a divided field of play in which two competitor's robots are placed among several objects. Points are given to designated lifting, pulling, or collecting tasks performed within the time limit, and the robot with the most points advances in the tournament.

Students receive a standard kit with materials such as metal and plastic stock, wheels, servos, gears, a tool kit, and a microcontroller with which to make and power their robot. Wireless controllers and receivers are shared among the participants, and size and energy restrictions are imposed. While every student designs and builds their own robot, lab instructors supervise small groups of three or four that collaborate and provide feedback to each other throughout the design process.

Lectures and tests are given, but the lab component remains the focus of the class. The final competition is considered one of the classic MIT experiences for both the participants and spectators.

Past 2.007 contests:

2011 Inventfunall Withdome

2010 AzTECH