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Model United Nations

Model United Nations, or officially, MIT Association of International Relations and Model United Nations (MIT AIRMUN), is an MIT student group devoted to the promotion of international relations awareness and Model United Nations. Official website:

Overview and History

The aims of MIT AIRMUN are threefold: 1) to raise awareness of international relations events on campus, 2) to allow interested MIT students to attend Model United Nations hosted in the United States and abroad, and 3) to facilitate and promote our own conference for high school students, MITMUNC.

Promotion of International Relations Events

In the Global Forum lecture series hosted by MIT AIRMUN, the club invites distinguished speakers to the MIT campus to give a lecture to interested audiences on the subject of international policy. The lectures are free and open to the public.

2010–2011 School Year: Harold Rosen, Director of the Grassroots Business Fund. 2009–2010 School Year: Professor Noam Chomsky and the Consulate-General of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Attendance of Collegiate MUN Conferences

MIT AIRMUN helps facilitate interested MIT students to attend national and international collegiate Model UN conferences. The conferences are subsidized by the club (provided that delegates help out with the annual MIT MITMUNC conference in February). No experience is necessary—MIT AIRMUN provides all the training that delegates need if they are selected for the trip.

General "staple" conferences are UPMUNC (UPenn, October–November) and McMUN (McGill, January). Following the shift in the WorldMUN schedule two years ago, MIT AIRMUN is actively exploring new conferences to attend every year.

Despite the small delegation sizes, MIT AIRMUN members do very well at MUN conferences. In March 2011, Nikita Consul (MIT 2013) was awarded the Best Delegate of the Iranian Cabinet at LSEMUN.

2010–2011 School Year: UPMUNC, CUIMUN (Cambridge University, UK, November), LSEMUN (London School of Economics, UK, March), NYUMUN (NYU, April).
2009–2010 School Year: McMUN.
2008–2009 School Year: UPMUNC, McMUN, HNMUN (Harvard University, March), WorldMUN (the Hague, the Netherlands).
2007–2008 School Year: UPMUNC, Yale Security Exercise (Yale University, October), McMUN, HNMUN, WorldMUN (Puebla, Mexico).


MITMUNC is MIT AIRMUN's conference for high school students, which takes place generally the first weekend of February. The conference is designed to be an unique conference focusing on science and technology issues, capitalizing on the strength of MIT as the premier science and engineering university. The conference was created by Bonnie Krenz (MIT 2010) in 2009, when MIT AIRMUN broke away from co-hosting BosMUN with Boston University. Between 2009 and 2011, MITMUNC grew tremendously and saw the attendance of several international delegations.

MIT AIRMUN is always looking for a variety of staffers from the MIT undergraduate and graduate community to help staff the conference. A varying range of experience is ideal—the Secretariat for the conferences manage the logistical side of the conference, while Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Crisis Staffers are in charge of the operational side of the conference. The Secretariat are selected prior to June of the preceding year, while the Chairs, Vice Chairs, Crisis Staffers, and operational staff are selected during the Fall Semester.

Official website:

List of MITMUNC Conferences, Milestones, and Achievements

2011 MITMUNC (III): Ahmed Hussain (MIT 2012) and Ashwini Gokhale (MIT 2013). Expansion to seven committees (including a special advisory committee), as well as delegations from China, South Korea, and India. Total conference attendance exceeds 200.
2010 MITMUNC (II): Sarah Lichtblau (MIT 2011) and Albert Wang (MIT 2012). Expansion to five committees and the first international delegation (from South Korea).
2009 MITMUNC (I): Bonnie Krenz (MIT 2010). Founding of MITMUNC. Three committees.