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The MIT China Care Club is an independent, student run club at MIT as well as a recognized China Care Club under the China Care Foundation, Inc. Founded in 2007, the club's goal is to help Chinese orphans and adopted children in need. MIT China Care hopes to create opportunities for MIT students to make a difference locally, through the club's playgroup program, and globally, through fundraisers for surgeries that save and improve the lives of Chinese orphans.

There is no requirement to join! Anyone willing to help in any way (big or small) shall be welcomed into the family. Simply send them an email to let them know that you're interested!

Throughout the year MIT China Care organizes fundraisers to finance surgeries for Chinese orphans in China. These children in need are listed on the China Care Foundation's How You Can Help page. During the club's "Chinese Culture Playgroup Days", adopted Chinese orphans and their families come to the MIT campus from around the Boston and Cambridge area to experience different aspects of Chinese culture. MIT China Care builds and strengthens the bonds between adopted Chinese children and their birth country by teaching them about Chinese culture, while fostering a sense of community among their adoptive families and offering support.

Every one or two weeks, MIT China Care board members meet to set goals and review progress. At each meeting, officers give new ideas for future projects as well as contribute to the execution and completion of current projects. General members are always encouraged to participate.

Projects currently under consideration:

• Funding summer traveling to China, where MIT students will live and volunteer in orphanages.

• Establishing contact with the local Boston/Cambridge community to promote our cause and generate ideas or funds for events.

• Inviting professional speakers to give talks at MIT about the issues Chinese orphans face and the difficulties after adoption.

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