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MIT Clean Energy Prize

Fairly new to enter the MIT competition scene, the Clean Energy Prize serves to allow students the chance to impact the world of energy innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Organizing Team

The Clean Energy Prize allows students who are passionate and concerned about the energy ecosystem to participate in either actual competition, or as part of the organizing team. The organizing team consists of student volunteers from engineering, science, and business programs throughout the northeast. Students can take roles in the marketing and event coordination aspects of the competition, but they could also serve as mentors or judges.

The Competition


Because clean energy can be defined very broadly, the competition is divided into three categories: Energy Efficiency (EE) Technologies, Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies, and Infrastructure & Resources (I&R) Technologies. Students choose which category their team would like to compete in and create an energy company that focuses on that category. The competition starts with an initial submission of details on the company. This includes an executive summary, a presentation, revenue information, etc. After the submission a group of semifinalists is chosen from each category, then finals judging occurs and the finalists from each category are given $20K. The finalists then go to the grand finals where the MIT NSTAR Clean Energy Prize and the DOE EERE Clean Energy Prize are awarded.