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The MIT Cross Products
Type of Group: A Cappella
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The Cross Products, founded in 1988, are MIT's Christian a cappella group. Their stated purpose: "We exist to glorify God through music, and to tell others about the ways that He has changed our lives: we are each products of the cross of Jesus Christ." Cross Products is a member of United Christian Organization.

"Cross Products" is a nerdy pun, referencing both Christianity and the "cross product" vector operation.


In 1982, a small group of MIT students with an interest in Christian music formed a singing group called Stained Glass. They performed in talent shows, in church services, informally around campus. Stained Glass disbanded after its fifth year in 1986.

In the fall of 1988, some members of United Christian Fellowship (now called MIT Intervarsity), including an alumnus of Stained Glass, formed a new a cappella group under the name "Cross Products". Cross Products began performing concerts each semester in 10-250 and other large lecture halls in addition to performances at schools, hospitals, and churches in the Boston area.

In the early years, the group performed a variety of choral music including traditional hymns, choral pieces from the Baroque era, and arrangements from the professional '80s a cappella group GLAD. In the mid '90s, Cross Products transitioned to the modern collegiate a cappella style, using voices to emulate instrumentals from contemporary popular music. Cross Products has performed the songs of artists such as Switchfoot, DCTalk, OC Supertones, and Nicole Nordeman.

Cross Products goes on tour each Spring Break. Recent destinations include Los Angeles, Seattle, Omaha, and Houston.


Cross Products has recorded 4 CD's and plans to release another (yet to be named) CD in 2012.

  • Right Hand Rule, 1997
  • And Then He Found Me, 2002
  • Live 2002-2004, 2004
  • What Am I Waiting For, 2008