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La Maison Française (French House)

French House is one of five cultural houses located in New House. It spans the fifth and fourth floors of House 6, and the fifth floor of House 5. French House is primarily comprised of singles, though there are two doubles that may often serve as triples.

French Culture

Though French House is a cultural house celebrating French culture, fluency in the French language is not required to live in the house so much as a willingness to understand, learn, and communicate in French. French is spoken amongst members at dinner as well as all day on Wednesdays. Twice a semester, the house holds French-speaking marathons which encourage French-speaking at all times throughout the house. In addition to speaking French, French House members engage in other aspects of French culture such as literature, music, and movies, which are shown weekly as a house event. Many French House members, additionally, have been to France and have spent IAP there as part of the January Scholars program, or during the summer with MISTI-France.


Members of French House participate in an independent cooking system. The house cooks dinner on days when class is held or if class will be held the next day, amounting to six days of cooking (except Saturday) on normal weeks. Each member is assigned a day of the week to cook with three or four other house members. Menus for meals are decided by house members on a rotating system; the person in charge of the menu is designated the "chef" for the day and oversees the cooking process. Ingredients are ordered by a specific member of the house and ready to use by the time cooking begins. Dinner is called and served in the house, and is an important time for house members to catch up with one another and take a break from their studies.

Within New House

As a house within the New House dorm, French House participates in many dorm-wide events. French House additionally has its own Muffin Nights, in which members of other houses are invited to French House for a study break and to enjoy baked goods. French House often puts on events with other cultural houses, such as the Alsace-Lorraine dinner featuring French and German food with German House.

[REX]/Getting Temped at French House Unlike in other dorms, incoming freshmen are not assigned to French House by the lottery system. Instead, if a student ranks French House as one of his or her top four dorm choices, he or she will be contacted by a French House member, who will then speak in more detail with the student about life at French House. If the student remains interested in staying at French House after speaking with a representative, he or she must confirm his or her wish to remain as a prospective French House member with the housing office.

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