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[email protected] is an organization for all MIT students, undergraduate and graduate, devoted to ensuring the existence of a queer-positive environment at MIT and beyond.

We’re an active group on campus, and we organize and sponsor several social and advocacy events throughout the year.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in! Whether you like planning events and being an activist or just meeting new people, [email protected] has something for you.


Started as the Student Homophile League in 1969 (indeed, the oldest LGBTQ college student group in the world), the organization since then has changed its name and had many members, but its mission remains the same: to teach society to hold as equal and accept people who happen to be different. To make that change, we must take a chance and show the world a true image of who we are: simply human beings, just as good as everyone else.

We make it our job to provide many resources for anyone who feels different and, for that reason, unaccepted: whether you are deeply closeted, completely out, or somewhere in between; curious, sure, or still figuring things out; woman or man, transgender, or anywhere inside or outside the binary; drag queen, club kid or computer geek, or anyone else — you are always welcome to walk into our doors.

Annual Events

Below is a list of events we hold every year:

  • Late Night every week in the Rainbow Lounge
  • Monthly General Body Meetings (GBMs)
  • Big Gay Party in GAYtober
  • National Coming Out Week in GAYtober
  • Boston Transgender Day of Remembrance in November
  • LGBTQ Thanksgiving Dinner in November
  • IAP movie & dinner nights every week
  • Intercollegiate LGBTQ Valentine's Day Party
  • CPW Events
  • Fierce Forever (student drag show) in April
  • Rapid HIV Testing for World AIDS Day
  • Lobby 7 Sit-in for Day of Silence in April
  • Breaking the Silence Party in April

Past Events

Below is a list of other events we have held in the past:

  • Intercollegiate networking dinner (in conjuction with oSTEM)
  • Discussion with Taylor Hudson on LGBTQ-positivity in athletics (as a part of Athlete Ally)
  • Screening of The Invisible War (in conjunction with [email protected])
  • LGBTQ Partner Abuse Workshop (in conjunction with [email protected] and The Network/La Red)
  • Queer People of Faith discussion
  • Queer People of Color panel discussion
  • Screening of For the Bible Tells Me So (in conjunction with Secular Society of MIT)
  • Discussion with Ryan Kendall on conversion therapy
  • Dinner & discussion on bisexuality
  • Movie & discussion (in conjunction with QAPA)
  • How to Be an LBGTQ Ally workshop
  • How to Be a Trans* Ally workshop
  • Beyond the Binaries discussion

Website & Contact

If you want more information, check out our website at

Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] You can see our exec board here.


You can find some LGBTQ resources at MIT here.