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MIT may be a world unto itself - but it is a remarkable sample of the wider world, as well. International students make up a quarter of the student body, joining us from more than 100 countries and all but a certain penguin-spangled continent. Despite being a long way from their families, international students often find it surprisingly easy to find a second home at MIT, thanks to our more than 50 international student groups and a wide array of other resources, including the International Students Office (ISO).

Boston, the largest city in New England, is one of America's great cosmopolitan cities. The epicenter of the American Revolution, Boston is steeped in history. And with world-class institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston's cultural scene is among the best in the US.

Resources for International Students

The International Students Office (ISO) provides services geared to meet the particular needs of MIT's international students, as well as support programs that help them reach their personal and academic goals.

In addition to individual advising and group seminars on immigration regulations, the ISO is available to help students and their dependents whenever they need forms to travel outside the US, or need individualized advice and assistance because of emergencies or unexpected immigration problems.

The ISO processes the required legal documents for the admission of all international students. The office also prepares the required legal documents that enable students to gain work experience through a period of practical training in the United States; this often involves a certain amount of career advising.

On the personal side, many international students develop wonderful bonds with local MIT families through the MIT Hosts to International Students Program (HISP). Host families are enthusiastic to learn about the culture, experiences and traditions of the students they host; at the same time, they can introduce them to the community at large, ease the process of settling in a new place and open fascinating doors into American culture.

In addition, there are many active student groups who organize cultural events and create a support system for the international student community.

For general information on living at MIT, contact the International Students Office.

Applying To MIT

For information on applying to MIT as an international student, please see the "International Applicants: Helpful Tips" section of our website.