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The MIT Muslim Students’ Association is a close-knit and friendly community which aims to assist MIT Muslims with their practice of Islam and endeavors to promote understanding between Muslims and people of other faiths on campus. Representing nearly one hundred Muslims, the MIT-MSA holds events year-round that promote peace, brotherhood, and the Islamic message. The MITMSA is directed by the Executive Committee, which is elected each December to organize and run the various events and projects throughout the year. You can find the most updated information on our website.


Muslim Life

The Muslim community at MIT includes people from all walks of life: both graduate and undergraduate, local and international. Here we describe a few important resources for Muslim Life that can be found at MIT. For even more information, please see our Campus Guide to Muslim Life.

Dining at MIT

Many Muslims follow zabiha / halal eating regulations, which call for meat to be prepared in a particular manner (similar to kosher). Check out the dining plans, which are required of those who live in dorms with dining halls, and voluntary for all others. New as of 2011, these dining plans offer halal options every night (you have to request “halal meat” to the chef). As a result, many members of the MSA eat together many times a week.

Prayer and Ramadan

The MIT-MSA also maintains a prayer room with daily prayers, including jumu’ah prayers every Friday at 1:10pm. During Ramadan, the MIT-MSA organizes daily iftaars, and holds taraweeh prayers. Very often, MITMSA members also organize suhoors to add to the special feeling of Ramadan unity.

Contact Us

To contact specific leaders of the MSA, including the webmaster, please see our Executive Committee page. More general comments, questions, and requests can be sent to the entire MSA Executive Committee at [email protected] dot edu. An online e-mail form, as well as our address and telephone number, is available on our Contact Us page.

Mailing Lists

Even if you are not a member of the Executive Committee, you are encouraged to get involved and stay informed by joining one of our open mailing lists:

  • mit-msa — open discussion list (also receives msa-info announcements)
  • msa-grad — announcements relevant to graduate students
  • msa-undergrad — announcements relevant to undergraduates; e-mails to this address are merely sent to the members of the four undergraduate mailing lists:
    • msa12 — announcements relevant to members of the Class of 2012
    • msa13 — announcements relevant to members of the Class of 2013
    • msa14 — announcements relevant to members of the Class of 2014
    • msa15 — announcements relevant to members of the Class of 2015

You can sign up for any of the above mailing lists through the links above. If you still have trouble, you can also contact a member of the EC.