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New House

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New House
Address: 471-476 Memorial Drive, Cambridge
Building # W70
Occupancy: 291
Room Types: singles, doubles
Dining: Shared kitchens
Housemasters: Wes and Sandra Harris
Opened: 1975
Housing info:

New House (formally: "New West Campus Houses") is an undergrad dorm on West Campus.



New House is made up of six interconnected and numbered "houses," which include five "cultural houses."

All six physical houses are connected by the "arcade" on the first floor of the building. In addition, the pairs of houses 1 and 2, 3 and 4, as well as 5 and 6 are connected diagonally on the second through fifth floors.

At its opening in the fall of 1976, there were two cultural houses: French-German House (which moved from Ashdown House) and Russian House (which moved from Burton-Conner). Chocolate City was established in 1975. Spanish House was established in 1979. Russian House went defunct in 2005. iHouse was started in 2007.


New West Campus Houses opened in September 1975. The architect was Sert, Jackson & Associates of Cambridge.

The concept for New House emerged from a report of the Committee on Student Environment entitled "Undergraduate Housing in the 1970s." The report stated that the main social goals of a residential system are to give each student the maximum opportunity to find an individual lifestyle that is best suited to his/her own temperament, needs and goals, and to encourage maximum interaction among diverse students. As such, New House was planned, with the aim was to produce housing units that functioned independently and within a larger residence.

New House was initially an all-male living group; it went co-ed in 1979.



New House has a structure of 6 separate "houses" that are interlinked. There are five cultural houses and four numbered houses for residents.

House 1: Chocolate City (floors 3-5), iHouse (floors 1-2)

House 2: New House, House 2 (all floors)

House 3: Spanish House (floors 1-2), New House, House 3 (floors 3-5)

House 4: Spanish House (floors 1-2), New House, House 4 (floors 3-5)

House 5: French House (floor 5), New House, House 5 (floors 1-4)

House 6: French House (floor 5), German House (floors 2-4)


New House is one of two undergraduate dorms (the other being Senior House) with air conditioning.

There are 18 kitchens in New House; most houses within the dorm have three kitchens.

New House also has a study lounge, a fitness center, a laundry room, and a game room.

New House residents can use the two pianos in the dorm, one of which is in a dedicated music room.

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