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Campus Preview Weekend

Every spring, prospective prefrosh come to visit MIT for a weekend in order to see the campus before deciding on whether to come or not. They can tour the campus, sample classes, attend special events from different clubs, and stay overnight with MIT students. A lot of students apply to be CPW hosts and many clubs have events specifically for the prefrosh.

MIT Brass Rat Ring Delivery for Sophomores

In MIT, receiving your brass rat is one of the crowning moments of your time as an undergrad. The design of the ring is usually specific to each class and is unveiled during ring premier in the fall, but the delivery occurs in the spring usually in really great venues. Ring delivery is a great time to take pictures with your fellow classmates.

Baker House Piano Drop

Every year, Baker House drops an old, irreparable piano from the roof of the building in order to celebrate drop date. The first piano drop occurred in 1972 and since then, many gather to watch the piano plunge six floors. After the drop, many venture into the wreckage and snag a piano hammer or a key as a souvenir. This is definitely an event to go to at least once during your four years.

Spring Weekend

Spring weekend is one of the biggest events of the semester. During this time, MIT has picnics, performances, home varsity games, and other celebrations. The most popular event of the Weekend is the Spring Concert where major recording artists come to perform. In 2013, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed and in previous years we’ve had Janelle Monae, Jason Derulo, and Sara Bareilles. This is a really great way to hang out with friends and see a concert for an unbeatable price.

Steer Roast

Steer Roast is an annual tradition held by Senior House. The name kind of gives away what the event is, but it is so much more than just roasting meat in a pit on a stick. The Steer Roast also includes live performances of local bands. The Roast is usually held on a weekend some time during the end of spring and people can stop by to listen to some good music and eat meat. If you are a carnivore, this is the event for you.

Bad Taste

Every year many students wait in line for hours to squeeze into 10-250 in order to witness the nth annual Chorallaries Bad Taste concert. Unlike their usual concerts filled with lovely harmonies and music, this concert is provocative and all skits, lyrics, and other entertainment are written completely in bad taste (hence the name). The audience, armed with toilet paper rolls, mixed with the boat load of insults and offenses spewed throughout the concert makes for a very rowdy atmosphere. This is definitely an experience that one has to partake in at least once in their time at MIT.

MIT 100K

The 100K is MITs annual entrepreneurship competition and is one of the largest, most famous business plan competitions in the world. It is a student- run competition and many students come from all kinds of majors to participate. The competition has three contests with cash prizes: the elevator pitch contest, the executive summary contest, the ACCELERATE Contest. But the competition culminates in the 100K Business Plan Contest where the winning team is awarded $100,000 for the best business venture plan. If you are an entrepreneur, this is a great competition to enter, and if not, you can watch some of the contests.

MIT IDEAS Global Challenge

The IDEAS Challenge attempts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in public service. People from the MIT community (students, faculty, staff, etc) create teams and present their plans and ideas for solving a problem faced by communities around the world. Winning groups are given up to $10,000 to execute their ideas. This is a great competition to get involved in if you have ideas for making the world a better place.

GECD Spring Career Fair

The MIT Global Education & Career Development Office is an excellent resource when it comes to internship opportunities, job interviews, and many other career oriented services. Each year, they host a Spring Career Fair where many companies come. The Fair is welcome to all majors and because spring is when most people do their summer internship searches, the Career Fair is a great way to get ahead on your search.

MIT Community Spring Picnic

It’s spring, you are finishing up classes and you need a pick me up before exams start…this is exactly what the Community Picnic is for. Every year Killian Court is decorated with delicious grub, ice cream, face painters, performers, and much more. You can just come, relax, and take a beat from the chaos in your life!

Senior Week

Before graduating, each senior class partakes in their own senior week which is sort of their last hurrah before leaving MIT. Every class chooses a senior week committee to plan the coolest events for the class to enjoy. Events range from club nights to sky diving trips to going to see a Red Sox game.

MIT Commencement and Tech Reunions

This is a bitter sweet moment for everyone in the MIT community. As a senior, this signifies the end of your time drinking from the MIT firehose, and the beginning of your careers. Getting your diploma means you made it; for most, it serves as the culmination of our MIT education. Commencement is one of the biggest events on campus and brings in tons of families. It is also coupled with MIT reunions where classes from the past come reunite and reminisce about the good ol’ times.