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Tau Epsilon Phi

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Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Tau Epsilon Phi
Type: Fraternity
Nickname: tEp
Address: 253 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
Established: 1922
Size: 22
National Site:

Tau Epsilon Phi (Xi Chapter), also known as TEP, TEP Xi, or tEp, and briefly called The Commonwealth Club in the 1970s and TPC Systems in early 2011, is a co-ed MIT fraternity. tEp was founded in the 1950s. tEps are known for working on cool projects (such as color-changing lights, a phone system, a propeller-powered bicycle, etc.) and sometimes hacking (such as turning the lights on the dome purple). Unlike many other fraternities, tEp does not take itself particularly seriously. Some recurring themes include the number 22, the color purple, and squid.

tEp has a house at 253 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, which holds about 22 residents. There is a delicious house food program (also open to non-tEps) in which dinners are cooperatively cooked and eaten five nights a week. tEp holds a cocoa study break every Monday at 21:22 while classes are in session.